Mary Clare lives and creates in stunning Cornwall using recycled mirror, filla, oils and acrylics to feel her way around the canvas.

“It’s about capturing the “unseen”;  the unconscious coming into consciousness, and that the process is an exhilarating and magical mirroring of one’s soul through texture and colour.”

Mary Clare de Pentheny O’Kelly was born in Devon (1967) surrounded by natural beauty.  She is from a traditional and close family.   Mary painted/drew in childhood usually about things she loved such as her dog.   

Mary Initially studied Creative Communication then Fashion and Design recognizing that “original” art was what she enjoyed most, so remained self taught.   Having trained in eclectic counselling, engaging in approximately five years of therapy during the training and raising four children as a single parent, Mary learnt plenty about herself, relationships, the human mind, body and soul.   

Mary’s work does tell a story without any intentions of doing so; she describes it as the unconscious coming into consciousness often juxtaposing objects/ideas that show opposites such as freedom/control, connecting/disconnecting, light and feelings/shadow and denial, life/loss, relationships in their many forms along with her ideals and cultural interests; she also writes similar kinds of poems to go with her works and together they make an interesting viewing.  She keeps her poems mainly hidden, for now. 

She uses clay, recycled mirror and filla to sometimes feel her way around the canvas/board not always using a paintbrush.   The work has a sensual, physical and spiritual presence according to some who have experienced it.  Mary loves colour and uses it instinctively.   

Since putting her work “out there” in 2014, Mary has thoroughly enjoyed interacting with art lovers, buyers and artists.   

She is unashamedly a “free spirit” when it comes to creating and doesn’t focus so much on collections (though she recognizes the importance of them) or sticking to any one medium/colour/style/frame but prefers to focus on passion or lack of (negative and positive) and desires that it flow freely into her work enabling integrity.   

Many of her works are created through texture.   Quirky collection is an unusual flow of fun and novelty where each character arrives as if by itself.   Not one of them are “planned” or copied and so entirely unique.   She says It is almost like welcoming a new member into the family!   Mary has recently been creating still life’s.   The last time she did a still life was thirty one years ago.  Mary feels there are no barriers with creativity only that she keeps going with the flow.  It is a kind of confidence like one feels in a healthy relationship, moving forwards with vision, growing all the time and in that sense Mary feels married to her paints.   She loves the freedom of it all and hopes she will be able to paint and evolve continuously, until her last breath of life.  

Mary has shown her works at Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, London.  Cornwall: Penzance, St Ives (Art Fair, St Ives Society of Artists, Mirva Gallery) Truro (The Art of Wine) Fowey Upton House Gallery, Prink Vintage Interiors, St Columb Major,  Studio 19, The Market House Gallery St Austell and in her gallery at home which is available for private viewings also in St Austell.  Mary curates Art Exhibition Parties within the community of Cornwall in her home though the most recent was at Penrose Kitchens, Truro.   Please go to: Alchemy Arty Parties via Facebook to find out more if you too would like to join in the creative fun!